Theme Baby Shower

Baby showers, they aren't the same as they used to be. They definitely aren't the type of showers that your grandma and mom used to know and love! No, not at all! No more simply sitting around in a circle waiting for presents. No more shying away from inviting the boys into the party!

With the revolution and change of baby showers comes a change in shower themes. Long gone are the days of pastel colors and baby animals. Instead, you can find gothic, alternative, rockabilly, cheer leading, and even over-the-top classy black tie affair baby showers. Making it possible to do anything with your baby shower theme.

Some of the best baby shower theme ideas come from friends and family that know and love you. Otherwise you can hold true to yourself and throw a shin-dig that simply screams "you". Because that is what this party is about! You are after all about to become a parent! Not the parent to be? No problem! To get some of the best feels for ideas you should pick the brains of your parents-to-be. Allowing you to throw the best baby shower possible tuned to their personalities!

What you will need to do first, is sit down with either a close friend or parent of the expectant mother; jotting down a list of people to invite to this wonderful celebration of life. However, if they seem unsure you may wish to talk to the expectant parents themselves (If this isn't going to be a surprise). This will enable you to provide an accurate list and number of people to your party.

After you have compiled your list, you should then find a venue or home to hold the party. Keeping in mind the capacity of the place you will be holding the party, so that it doesn't feel stuffy. Remember when it comes to decorations, the eighties are known to be a very dynamic era. The decorations should reflect that with colorful and vibrant decorations, that represent the liveliness of that time. Placing up posters of different movies from the eighties; or even celebrities can help you gain a much needed leg up in the flavor of your party.


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